Crafting fragrances with perfection!

The inception of Indume Lifestyle was curated from an amalgamation of three primary purposes: Luxury, Affordability and Everlasting fragrances, all in one bottle. Blending our passion, spirit and hard work together, we are proud to bring you all-day lingering scents. Matching the global standards of the fragrance industry, Indume Lifestyle primarily focuses on curating the choicest fragrances for our buyers. Retailed on our website and our exclusive store in Chandigarh, our brand brings value to your aroma section.

Indume Lifestyle is a sister concern of Devdarshan Dhoop. Dealing in fragrance since 1954, the only aim is to raise the standards of the aroma industry. Flourishing in the line of body fragrances, Indume Lifestyle continues to get the best scents for you